Michele Bizzi - filmmaker
Born above the Garda Lake in 1985, he chose Milan as his playground. He began his career as assistant director and sound designer for live theatre, but after coordinating post-production for various cinema projects, he decided to create his own video factory with producer Claudia Di Lascia, today an award-winning creative production and post-production Company active on several multi-language projects.
His works range from short films, to advertising, documentaries – especially of social interest, fashion-films: Michele's marked creativity, his great care for the aesthetics with his great professionalism and technical precision, soon led him to sign the direction of projects for brands such as Armani, Guess, Panasonic, Calzedonia, Maserati, Braccialini, Pupa, Naj Oleari, produced with various Italian and International production Companies. The experience in commercial productions leads him to develop a composed and polished style, which he adapts by capturing the essential language of the various genres he confronts. Michele won several awards for his works and received nominations at internationally acknowledged festivals. His Series’ pilot Selfers - which he wrote and directed, was selected as finalist for the Script Pipeline’s First Look Project. His fashion-film Casamorati was listed on Forbes magazine as one of the best of 2017 and in 2019 he collected numerous awards and nominations for Princess, a fashion film on the theme of disability, and his The Field of Miracles was selected at Visioni Italiane won Best Picture at the New York Movie Awards 2020. The Salento '99 TV series project won the Apulia Development Film Fund 2019. He directed the award-winning Sola In Discesa, a short film on gender-based violence co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Culture, finalist - among various prizes and selections - of the Young Director Awards 2020, winner of the Eyes Wide Open award at Interfilm Berlin 2020, selected at Cleveland Film Festival 2021, jury award at Cortinametraggio 2021 and LA Shorts 2021. He won Best Director at the London Fashion Film Festival 2022 with CIELO.
Between directing and acting, he can’t decide on his favorite. He strongly thinks that a sense of humor is a hint of intelligence. He is a member of AIR3 – Directors’ Guild of Italy.
METAMORPHOSIS fashion-film for Xerjoff, official selection at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2022 (Milano, 2022)
Restyled by GUESS web-format docu-series for GUESS (Lugano, 2022)
TV campaigns for Naj Oleari, Gaudi, Calzedonia, Italian Trade Agency ICE, Pupa cosmetics, Xerjoff (Milan 2021-2022)
CIELO fashion-film for Sesia&co. co-directed with BG La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival - nominated for Best Director, Best Creative Concept, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best Cinematography; Barcelona Fashion Film Festival - Official Selection; Canadian International Fashion Film Festival - nominated for Best Set Design, Best Dance, Best Director; Moscow International Design Film Festival Official Selection; Digital Media Fest - winner of Best Sound Design; Short to the Point - winner of Best Fashion Film; Cuerpo Mediado Festival de Videodanza - Official Selection; Chelsea Fashion Film Festival - Official Selection; Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival - winner of Best Campaign, nominated for Best Editing, Best Director, Best Dance; Guimarães Fashion Film Festival - nominated for International Best Director;  Short Film Factory - Honorable Mention; Bokeh Fashion Film Festival - nominated for Best Actor, Best Art Direction, Best Direction, Best Sound & Music; Vesuvius International Film Festival winner of Best Director; Not Film Fest, Official Selection; London Fashion Film Festival, nominated for: Best Director, Best Editing.
Giorgio Armani SS2022 fashion show announcement (Milan, 2021)
Emporio Armani FW 21-22 watches Campaign (Milano, 2021)
Salento ’99 Tv Series in development, finalist for the Pitching Masterclass organized by FeST, Milan's TV series festival, September 2019 in collaboration with ALMED; Winner of the public funding Apulia Development Film Fund 2020
Emporio Armani SS2021 watches Campaign starring Victoria Stella Doritou, Tristan Ridel, Christian Yav, Sofia Tesmenitskaya, Nanda Isaia (Milano, 2020)
LG Signature, Bellavista, Teatro Alla Scala shorts (Milano, 2020)
Maserati Hero  starring Massimilano Alajmo (Marrakech, Saint Moritz, 2020)
Armani Exchange SS 2021 fashion, eyewear and watches campaign starring Jay Thor, Simonas Pham, Mariam Eya Diawara, Julia Kim (Milan, 2020)
Armani Exchange FW 20-21 fashion campaign starring Ben Massarenti, Olimpia Domenici, Diana Sanchez, Madior Fall, Sergio Amore, Umberto Villahermosa (Milan, 2020)
Sola In Discesa (Going Down Alone - short film, 2020, Italy, co-directed with Claudia Di Lascia) with the support of MiBACT – Italian Minister of Culture. With the support of WIFTI (women in film and television international). Young Director Award 2020 Shortlist; Festival del Cinema Povero 2020– Official Selection; Adriatic Film Festival 2020  – Best EditingUI 2020–CortoEuropa Competition, Official Selection; Interfilm Berlin 2020 Official Selection. Nominatio; International Competition – Confrontations; Winner Eyes Wide Open Award; Mauro Bolognini Film Festival 2020 – Semi-Finalist Short Film Show of the Bay of Pasaia 2020 screened at the special session PLURAL FEMALE (out of competition); International Short Film Festival Vision 2020,– _Finalist; Indiecinema Film Festival 2020, Official selection; XXV Edizione del Premio Nickelodeon per il Cortometraggio Sociale 2020 -Finalist; Giro del Mondo in 80 Corti - Winner of the 8th stage; direct access as Finalist at Amarcort Film Festival 2020; Marino Short Film Festival 2020, Special Mention by the social jury; Cortogenial 2020, Official selection; Edita Social Film Festival2020, Finalist | Category: Fiction; Lecce Film Festival 2020, Honorable Mention; CortOglobo Festival 2020 - Official Selection; Giza Eskubideak Herrira2020, - Finalist | Category: GEH korto lehiaketa; LifeArt Festival 2021- Honorable Mention Short of the year - autumn session, Special Jury Mention; Cortinametraggio 2021, Awards: Best Theatrical short film (by Vision Distribution), Anec-Fice Award, Special Mention of the Jury; Afrodite Shorts 2021, Special Mention; Cleveland International Film Festival 2021, Official Selection David Di Donatello 2021, In competition; River Film Festival 2021, Official Selection; Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIFT 2021, Official Selection; Festival Internacional de Cine de Alicante 2021 -Award: Best International Fiction Short Film; Okotoks Film Festival 2021, Nomination: Best Cinematography; Festival of Nations 2021, Official Selection; LA Shorts International Film Festival 2021 Official Selection; Figari Film Fest 2021, Official Selection; Zsigmond Vilmos International Film Festival 2021, Official Selection; ULLAPEPPA Film Festival 2021, Finalist; Fabriano Film Fest 2021, Official Selection; Filming Italy Sardegna Festival 2021, Official Selection; Sorridendo Film Festival 2022, Best Director.
Emporio Armani SS2020 APAC Fashion Campaign (starring Liu Yifei, Wu Lei, Tong Lyia – Los Angeles, 2019)
Emporio Armani SS2020 eyewear and watches Campaign (Singapore, 2019)
Tezenis Digital content for the influencers campaign with Carolina Carvalho, Giulia De Lellis, Julia Kuczynska Maffashion, Lola Indigo, Rita Dakota, Stefanie Giesinger
Caro Nipote (Dear Nephew - short film, 2019, Italy) with Ariella Reggio, Filippo Scicchitano, Official selection David Di Donatello 2020, distributed on Amazon Prime Video by CG Entertainment
Princess (fashion film, 2019, Italy) about diversity in fashion. With Madalina Aivanoaie, Jo Price, Nina De Lianin. First Italian short film to receive the %for 50-50 badge for gender equality in cinema, with the support of WIFTI and Chimney. “La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2019” La Jolla, 12 Official Selection: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Message, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Creative Concept, Best Set Design, Best Costume Design, Best Make-Up, Best Hairstyling, Best Music. 3 Award: Best Message, Best Actress (Jo Price), Best Set Design (Eugenia Tartarelli). “Two Roads International Film Festival 2019” New York, Official Selection. Award: Best Costume Design.  “Cult Critic Movie Awards 2019 Jadavpur (India), Official Selection. Award: Best Film on Disability Issue.  “Jean Luc Godard Awards 2019 Nomination: Best Film on Disability Issue. “Seattle International Fashion Film Festival 2019” Seattle, Official Selection. 14 Nomination: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Fashion Concept, Best Art Direction, Best Narrative, Best Song, Best Actress (Madalina Aivanoaie), Best Acting Ensemble, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Hair/Make-up, Most Inspirational. 3 Award: Best Fashion Concept (Michele Bizzi), Best Song (Nicholas Di Valerio, Luca Balboni), Best Hair (Elisabetta Flotta) and Make-up (Einat Dan). “Canadian Cinematography Awards 2019(CaCa)” Toronto, Official Selection. Award: Best Costume Design (Paola Daverio), Best Lighting Design (Marco Sirignano), Best Original Score (Luca Balboni). “European Cinematography Awards (ECA) 2019” Amsterdam Official Selection. Award: Best Costume Design (Paola Daverio), Best Lighting Design (Marco Sirignano). “Visioni Fantastiche 2019” Ravenna Official Selection nella categoria +9yo; Italian Premiere. “Open World Toronto Film Festival 2019” Toronto, Official Selection, Nomination: semifinalista Best Director (Michele Bizzi).
“Gold Movie Awards” London, Official Selection. “
Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2019 Roma, Official Selection. “Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2019” Sarajevo, Official Selection, Nomination: Best Director (Michele Bizzi), Best Actress (Jo Price). Award: Best Actress (Jo Price). “Porto Fashion Film Festival 2019” Official Selection in “internationais”. “Cinemoi Fashion Film Awards 2019Los Angeles, Official Selection, Nomination: Best Actress (Madalina Aivanoaie). Award: Best Actress (Madalina Aivanoaie)
TV and digital campaigns 2019 for Café Noir, Armani, Braccialini, Ferrari, Tezenis, Maserati.
Armani Exchange FW2019 adv campaign with Lucky Blue Smith, Pyper America, Ouyang Nana, Kento Yamazaki
Battiti (Heartbeats - short film, 2018, Italy) with Vinicio Marchioni, Erica del Bianco Anteprima nazionale “Tavolara Film Festival 2018”, Programmato allo “Spazio Cinema Anteo” di Milano. On Air su “Sky Arte” 2019. Official selection Foggia Film Festival 2019, Official selection David Di Donatello 2020, distributed on Amazon Prime Video by CG Entertainment
LA 129 (fashion film 2018, U.S.A) “La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2018” Nomination: Best, Narration, Best Editing. Award: Best Editing; “Instanbul Fashion Film Festival” Official Selection; “Aesthetica” Official Selection 2018; “Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival 2019 Official Selection.
Emporio Armani SS2019 watches and Eyewear campaigns, starring Hu Ge
Armani Exchange SS2019 digital campaigns
Ritmo Tribale (music video for the girlband Lollipop, 2018, Italy)
The Field of Miracles (short film 2018, Italy). Written by Alessia Rotondo, starring David Wurawa, Ivan Senin. Official Selection “Visioni Italiane 2019”, Bologna; Official Selection “Hollywood Sun Awards; Official Selection “Foggia Film festival 2019”, Foggia; Official Selection “The European Independent Film Award 2019”; Official Selection “That Film Festival 2019”, Londra; Semifinalista “Lisbon Film Rendezvoues 2019”, Lisbona; Finalista “Los Angeles Cinematography Awards 2019”, LA; Award Best Short Film “Cannes Mediterranean Film Festival 2019”; Award Best Picture “New York Movie Awards 2019”, New York.
GUESS Raw Coast Festival with influencers Giulia Gaudino, Emitaz, Lima Ché, Kenza, Xenia, Julia Maffashion
Casamorati –(fashion film 2017, Italy) World Premiere al “Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival” Capetown 2017; “La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival” San Diego 2017, Official Selection, 7 Nominations: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Creative Concept, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Hairstyling, Best Jewellery. Award: Best Costume design, Best Hairstyling; “London Fashion Film Festival 2017” Official Selection, 2 Nomination: Best Costume Design, Best Fashion Film; “Miami International Fashion Film Festival 2018” Official Selection, 4 Nomination: Best Hair, Best Styling, Best Costume Design, Best Cinematography; “Brussels International Fashion Film Festival 2018” Official Selection and Award: Best Fashion Film Big Brand Category; Official selection “Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival The Set NYC 2018”; Best Fashion Film at “Parachute Light Zéro Fashion and Music Short Film Festival 2018”; “Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2018” Nomination: Best Director, Best Costume design, Best Fashion Film. Award: Best Costume design; “Canadian International Fashion Film Festival 2018” Nomination e Award: Best Hair & Make-up in a Fashion Film; Official SelectionLos Angeles Fashion Film Festival 2018”; Among the 12 Best Fashion Film worldwide ranking for “Forbes Magazine 2017”.
Siamo Quasi All'alba (Almost at Dawn - short documentary 2017, Italy) realized under the patronage of Officine Ied and Spazio Cinema Anteo sponsored by Lancia, Official selection “Festival Cinema Nuovo 2018”.
Apri gli Occhi/Abre los Ojos (Open your Eyes – Italy/Spain 2017) PSA against violence against women with VIP testimonials to promote the "Denim day" organized by the Guess Foundation, with Belen Rodriguez, Dulceida Aida Domenech, Carlo Cracco, Sandra Barneda, Carla Pereira, Elena Santarelli, Fiona May, Beppe Fiorello, Kris Grove, Christopher Leoni, Veronca Ferraro
Vita da Tatuatori (A Tattoo Artist’s Life - web series, 2016) with 180k view on Facebook
Kukan (2016) Video performance for Panasonic at Milan Design Week 2016
I Beni rifugio (music video band Laurex Pallas, 2016, Italy)
Magari fosse vero (music video band Laurex Pallas, 2016, Italy)
Man Sharing (short comedy 2015, Italy) with Paola Giacometti, Giovanna Rossi, Manuele Colamedici
Melamarcia (2015 - pilot) for the stand-up comedy series starring the Melamarcia comedy group
The Garden of Wonders, animation shorts for the 2015 Milan Design Week installation by BEOPEN Foundation
Opera (fashion film 2015, Italy)
Una storia (A Story – 2015) web series for Dompé pharmaceuticals with the "Associazione Ipovedenti d'Abruzzo"
Artisti Depressi (Depressed Artists – 2014) 30k views on YouTube, 160k views on corriere.it and repubblica.it
Selfers (web pilot, 2014) – Finalist Rai opportunity tour 2015. Official Selection of the 2015 Los Angeles Comedy Festival, Award of Merit - Indie Film Fest Awards 2015, finalist of The First Look Project 2016 by Script Pipeline
La strada verso Olympia (The Way to Olympia - documentary 2013 Italy/ France) made with ULULE crowdfunding campaign.
XXL (animated short film) for Editrice Giochi, winner of the 1st prize at Movi&co 2010
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