Michele Bizzi - filmmaker
Born above the Garda Lake in 1985, he chose Milan as his playground. He began his career as assistant director and sound designer for live theatre, but after coordinating post-production for various projects, he decided to create his own video factory with producer Claudia Di Lascia. That’s how Kinedimorae started, a creative group now active on several multi-language projects.
He started working in Milan as a director for advertising, short films and documentaries and the experience in commercial productions leads him to develop a composed and polished style, which he adapts by capturing the essential language of the various genres he confronts. Michele won several awards for his works and received nominations at internationally acknowledged festivals, especially for fashion-filmmaking. His fashion-film Casamorati was listed on Forbes magazine as one of the best 12 of 2017.
Between directing and acting, he can’t decide on his favorite. He strongly thinks that a sense of humor is a hint of intelligence.
2019 - July - Cafe Noir FW 2019 tv short video series
2019 - June - Princess (fashion film) diversity in fashion. With Madalina Aivanoaie, Jo Price, Nina De Lianin.12 nominations at La Jolla FFF 2019 and winner of Best Message, Best Actress (Jo Price) and Best Set Design.
2019 - May - Dear Nephew (short film) with Ariella Reggio, Filippo Scicchitano

2019 - May - Armani Exchange FW2019 adv campaign
2019 - April - Cannella tv short video
2018 - November - Armani Exchange SS 2019 digital content
2018 - October - Emporio Armani SS2019 licences campaign
2018 - September - SUE music video for the ep "Sue" by Ludovico LSM

2018 - May - BATTITI short film with Vinicio Marchioni, Erica del Bianco, produced by Officine IED_Milano and MINI
2018 - May - LA 129 (fashion film 2018, U.S.A - awarded Best Editing at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2018, official selection of Aesthetica Fhort Film Festival, Istanbul Fashion Film Festival) 
2018 - March - Ritmo tribale (music video for the girlband Lollipop)
2017 - September - director of the short film The Field of Miracles written by Alessia Rotondo, starring David Wurawa, Ivan Senin, produced by Kinedimorae.
2017 - May - assistant director for the short film La Pace Dannata, directed by Adelaide Dante De Fino starring Nadia Kibout, Nicole Millo, Fabio Pappacena, Mario Ierace...
2017 - April - director for the Guess Raw Coast Festival campaing starring Instagram influencers Emitaz, Lima Ché, Giulia Gaudino, Maffashion Kenza, Xenia Overdose.
2017 - April - director for the Guess Denim Day 2017 Espana commercial to stop violence against women starring among others Dulceida, Carla Pereira, Jaime Cantizano...
2017 - January - director of the serial spot for Guess Performance Denim.
2016 - August - writer/director of the Fashion Film for Casamorati by Xerjoff Italian Luxury Perfume. World Premiere at Mercedes Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival, Official Selection La Jolla International Fashion Film Awards nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Art Direction, Best Creative Concept, Best Jewellery, winner of Best Hair and Best Costume Design; Official Selection LondonFFF nominated for Best Picture, Best Costume Design, IFFFBrussels winner for Best Film Big Brand Category, CineMOI CFFA nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, winner for Best Fashion Styling. Elected one of the 12 best fashion films of 2017 according to Forbes Magazine.
2016 - July - director of the corporate spot for the multinational company Panaria - Microban.
2016 - May - director of the Guess Denim Day 2016 commercial to stop violence against women, starring among others Belen Rodriguez, Carlo Cracco, Beppe Fiorello, Fiona May...
2016 - April - director of Kukan for Panasonic at Fuorisalone 2016.
2016 - February - director of the short film Man Sharing, written by Paola Giacometti.
2016 - February - colorist and animator of the feature documentary Down Under, directed by Elena Araldi.
2015 - December - director of the web format Vita da Tatuatori, written by Paolo Fittipaldi.
2015 - November - director of the pilot for the Tv show Melamarcia - stand-up comedy.
2015 - October - editor and post-production artist of the web advert for Xerjo .
2015 - September - director of the music video for I Beni Rifugio by Laurex Pallas.
2015 - July - assistant director and editor of the short film Papaveri e papere, directed by Adelaide De Fino produced with funds of Lucana Film Commission.
2015 - June - director of the music video for Magari Fosse Vero by Laurex Pallas.
2015 - June - post-production artist for the web talent show by Disney Pixar for InsideOut.
2015 - May - director and post-production artist of the web promos e Garden of Wonders for BE OPEN Foundation.
2015 - April - assitant director of the video installation by director Marco Pozzi for Fuorisalone 2015 by Novamobili
2015 - January - post-production artist for photographer Luca Cattoretti for such brands as Breil, X-factor and Faby.
2014 - December - director of the promotional video for the luxury brand Opera - Italian Attitude.
2014 - September - writer and director of the short lm Selfers, o cially selected for the LA Comedy Festival 2015, winner of the Award of Merit at the Indie Film Fest Awards, and nalist of e First Look Project 2016.
2014 - July - animation director of the music videos for the songs Identikit (drawings by claudio Avella) La Regina del Deserto (drawings by Old Roger) and Olio (drawings by Gianmarco Colalongo) by Malamadre.
2014 - May - e actor-director dialogue, seminar with Italian lmmaker Silvio Soldini (“Bread and Tulips”) and actor Gi- useppe Battiston.
2014 - April - director of the parody promo Artisti Depressi, the promo was published by Corriere.it, Repubblica.it, IlFoglio. it, Libero.it, and the o cial SIAE website, plus several online magazines. Coordinator of the YouTuber channel KineTUBE.
2014 - January - director of the Golden Lady for Sport corporate video.
2013 - October - director of the serial web camapaign for Chili TV - Fastweb on demand channels.
2013 - April - director, together with Claudia di Lascia and Federico Monti, of the crowd-funded documentary La Strada verso Olympia presented at Casa del Cinema, Rome.
2013 - January - director of the promo Pasta Lova for the video contest Barilla.
Curriculum Vitae of Michele Bizzi 1
2012 - December - director of the 4 adverts for web and theatres of Fior di Maso - formaggi d’autore campaign.
2012 - November - art director for the Christmas campaign Noi siamo più buoni tutto l’anno for Bucaneve cooperativa onlus.
2012 - since September - founder, together with Claudia di Lascia and Alessandro Crovi, of the factory Kinedimorae.com
2012 - September - music composer for the pilot of the Tv show Lost in Post.
2011 - November - director (together with Claudia Di Lascia) of La TV che ti muove, advert (60’’) for Telesia (Class Editori), part of the competition Movi&co.2011. e promo video aired on all the screens of italian public transportation.
2011 – since November – art director and post production artist for the R U PINKO? competition promo campaign.
2011 – since August – freelance editor and camera operator for the web TV Terranova Channel (www.terranovachannel.com)
2011 – May – director of Quorumvadis for the 24Hour Film Project 2011 – Rome, awarded “best use of dialogue line”.
2011 – April – A.D. for the bullet time advert 1472 – Monte dei Paschi di Siena (director: Marco Pozzi) part of the website www.1472.it awarded “best e-commerce website” by the Interactive Media Award, New York.
2011 - March - sound designer for the short lm Sommardröm (director: Sofia Åström)
2010/2011 – collaboration with director Marco Pozzi for video-installations and backstage videos for the fashion brand Maliparmi, and for the social media marketing of the design studio Plank and the music producer Charlie Rapino.
2010 – November – director of the commercial video XXL for Editrice Giochi, awarded 1st prize at the Movi&co. 2010 competition. A 10’’ version has been aired on La7, Boomerang and Cartoon Network
2010 – May – post-production of the short film Maternera (director: Nicholas Di Valerio) for the 48Hour Film Project 2010 – Rome, awarded “best costumes” and mentioned for “best special e ects”.
2009 – October/December – post-production coordinator of the feature film Maledimiele (director: Marco Pozzi, post-production facility: Rumblefish, colorist: Adriano Mestroni).
2009 – June/September – intern at the animation studio Barley Films (Dublin). Director of the live action/pixilation short lm Auto.
2008 –November - director and music composer for Taste the Pink, advert (30’’) for Castel Carni, awarded “best soundtrack” at the Movie&co. 2008 competition.
2008 – June – Lighting designer and sound designer for the theatre show Eliogabalo (director: Paola Giacometti) produced by Teatrouvaille.
2007 – March - director of the short lm Cosa Stai Guardando? awarded 1st prize (student category) at the Big City Life com- petition.
2006 – October – director (together with Carlotta Fait) of Have Some Fun, advert (60’’) for Salmoiraghi&Viganò, awarded 2nd prize (audience choice) at the Film&Phone Festival.
2006 – June – A.D. of the live musical show Odissea directed by Paola Giacometti, produced by the cultural association La Cornucopia.


2011 - Master Degree in Television, Cinema and Multimedia Production (thesis project title: e Sound of Drawings: the Soundtrack of Animated Cinema. e thesis was written in English) Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM - Milan.
2007 - Degree in Communication Sciences and Technologies (thesis project title: e Television Director) Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM - Milan.
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