Narrative Fashion Film about a girl who feels too ugly to be loved.

Starring Madalina Aivanoaie, Jo Price, Nina De Lianin
produced by Claudia Di Lascia for Kinedimorae
written and directed by Michele Bizzi
cinematography by Marco Sirignano
set design by Eugenia Tartarelli
costumes by Paola Daverio
make-up by Einad Dan
special effects make-up by Elisabetta Flotta
hair and Wig design by Elisabetta Flotta
music by Luca Balboni
with a special cameo by Antonella Bussi - editor in chief of Marieclaire Italia
special white dress design by Gilberto Calzolari
Special Thanks to CFP Canossa - Milan, Rainbow association, Coesa, Marieclaire Italia, Clerici Tessuti, Villa Litta Lainate
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